Amor e Política (Love and Politics) was a performance-lecture made in collaboration with actress and director Maria Gil.

Following our first lecture performance "Fear and Feminisms", we have strongly adopted the slogan: the personal is political - this being our starting point to begin to reflect and to work on "Love and Politics."
In a creative process that turned into a personal program of political education, we read, wrote, participated in conferences, taking a critical perspective on the subjects while diving deep into our personal universes through writing and rereading letters and diaries.

How are we educated for love and for public life? was a question that emerged from this process, with a clear conviction that we are forced to go to school, but no one seems to teach us what we really need to know in order to live a good, full life. Although we had the urgency and the willingness to seek debates and speeches that were being made in the academies and in the political and artistic environments on these topics, there was always a sense of frustration; it seemed that people never said what had to be said, they never spoke truth, it was as if they were dead. Thus, it also seemed crucial to politically think why people are dead. Where was this frustration we felt coming from?

From this work stems our proposal of a new political subject and the possibility of a rebirth of love.

14th - 17th of October 2015, Negócio - ZDB, Festival Temps d’Images, Lisbon, Portugal

24th of October 2015, Casa da Cultura, Setúbal, Portugal