Medo e Feminismos (Fear and Feminisms) was a performance-lecture made in collaboration with actress and director Maria Gil.

Fear / Two people, who express an archivist knowledge of fears, are side by side to evoke past, present and future fears; autobiographical or not. Fears that turn into sociological fears, into manifestations of political control that is exercised over society, over people. Based on the internal conflicts of each performer we build up a fragmented presentation with the right to small acts of healing that want nothing more than to turn poison into medicine.
Feminisms / In a nostalgic and personal way we evoke some of the most significant moments of the history of feminist performance, followed by a personal reflection on the practice of feminism today. The lecture concludes with the recreation of two feminist performances of the twentieth century.

26th - 27th of July 2013, Negócio - ZDB, Lisbon, Portugal

14th of April 2018, Comédias do Minho, V.N. Cerveira, Portugal
21st of April 2015, Festival Internacional de Dança Contemporânea, Évora, Portugal
10th of April 2015, Casa da Cultura, Setúbal, Portugal
17th - 20th of December 2014, Festival Temps d'Images, Lisbon, Portugal