Auto-retrato com revólver (Self-portrait with gun)

'Auto-retrato com revólver' is the title of a poem written by Portuguese writer Al Berto. In this performance, presented in a small laundry room, I began to explore the topics that would be central in all my later works: identity, self-reflection, death. Each member of the audience was welcomed as if they were coming to pay their last respects to someone. I gave them a poem, a piece of hair, or photo clippings, and a hug. In the end, I put on a red dress and left the laundry, wielding a black heart (made from cassette videotape) and a gun, thus paying tribute to a part of myself that had disappeared.

Director and Performer: Miguel Bonneville. Photography: Sofia Arriscado. Production: Miguel Bonneville.

27th of February 2004, La Balancette - Lavandaria Olímpica, Porto, Portugal