Futuro Suicida
(Suicidal Future / Future Suicide Victim)

So that you know that what existed in the past is now ahead as an orchid in a winter garden, bleeding from a caesarean section. - René Char.

In Family Project (2007-2009) Miguel Bonneville created several works around the idea of family, exposing their origins, their context, and the permanent lesions of childhood traumas - the family as the essence of evil. With Suicidal Future, he returns to an incisive analysis that goes through time: today's adult proposes to kill the child who designed it precisely for this purpose, leaving space to create true childhood - the childhood of the future.

Director, Performer, Writer: M̶i̶g̶u̶e̶l̶ Bonneville; Performer: Afonso Santos; Production: Cristina Correia, Vanda Cerejo - Teatro do Silêncio, Balleteatro; Promotional Photo: Vanda Cerejo; Performance Photo: Pedro Figueiredo.

16th of October 2018, Family Film Project, Maus Hábitos, Porto, Portugal