Montras (Display windows)

‘Montras’ was a project based on ‘The thirteen books written on skin’ which are part of Peter Greenaway’s film ‘The Pillow Book’ (1996). Each book was the basis for an installation or a performance, designed to be presented in or as a display window. I ended up not finishing the project, making only five pieces:

M1Y – Montra#1 Youth (Performance), M2B&B – Montra#2 Births & Beginnings (Video), M3I – Montra#3 Impotence (Performance and installation), M4A – Montra#4 Agenda (Performance), M5B – Montra#5 Betrayed (Performance).

Director and Performer: Miguel Bonneville. Performers: Sofia Arriscado, Vanda Cerejo, Ana Wilson, Carla Cruz, Joana Sousa, Luís Araújo, Alfredo Martins, Guilherme Lima, Robinson. Production: Miguel Bonneville.