O PRINCÍPIO DE _______________

I always thought, gentleman, that Me is ambiguous.
146, The beginning of a book is precious, Maria Gabriela Llansol

O Príncpio de ___________ (The Principle/Beginning of __________) was a performance that had as its starting point the work of the Portuguese writer Maria Gabriela Llansol. Ideally it would have no beginning or ending. It would be the content of an old, distorted, found cassette, but sufficiently intact so that one could understand what was recorded in it, and what is still said in it. But the fragment of something, with time, always becomes something else. The content repeats itself without stopping - like me, gentleman - until it degrades itself completely.

Director and Performer: Miguel Bonneville; Set Design: Tiago Vieira; Make-up: Jorge Bragada; Soundscape: BlackBambi; Photography: Joana Linda; Production: Festival Silêncio.

29th of September 2017, Festival Silêncio, Lisbon, Portugal