A Landscape of Failure
video; 4 minutes; colour; sound.

'A Landscape of Failure' was commissioned for the project 'Messages in a Peepbox' to be shown at Expo Zaragoza 2008. The proposal was to create a piece based on the themes of the Expo: Water Source of Life, Water and its Landscapes, Water and Human Encounter, Water - Shared Resource. I made a short video using various photographs of my childhood, taken by my father, thus making an autobiographical connection between landscape and memory, between portrayed and portraitist.

14th of June – 1th of September 2008, Expo Zaragoza, Zaragoza, Spain

Festival Selection / Screenings
12th of June 2016, Cenquatre, Paris, France
28th of May 2016, ArcoLisboa, Lisbon, Portugal
19th of May 2016, OODAAQ #6 Festival, Rennes, France
17th of January 2014, Fuso – International Videoart Festival, Salvador da Bahia, Brazil
5th of December 2013, Family Fiction Film Project, Porto, Portugal
8th of December 2012, Videoart for All Festival, Macao, China
27th of April 2011, Cinesquemanovo – Festival de Cinema de Porto Alegre, Brazil
28th of July 2010, Fuso – International Videoart Festival, Lisbon Portugal
9th of November 2008, Festival Temps d’Images, Lisbon, Portugal