'BlackBambi may best be known by his real name, Miguel Bonneville, and for his unsettling autobiographical performances, but he has also played leading roles in several music projects over the years (Hex, Ur Ma, BlackSugu and GoldenBambi).
Born in Porto, 1985, Portugal, Bonneville began making music at the age of fifteen because he needed an original music score for a short film he wanted to direct with his friends. He bought a small Casio keyboard and began recording some tracks on tape. He later tried to learn how to play guitar, but it was useless – it took too long to learn.
Always propelled by immediacy, he recorded several tapes with original songs, all of them written and played by himself, foreseeing already the one-man band-art-project he would create.
Three years later he relocated to Lisbon, BlackBambi was officially baptized in 2006. This was when he began learning how to use music software on his computer – although still using his Casio to compose – and began uploading solo demos and videos on the Internet.
Since then he has written songs for soundtracks, contemporary dance plays, his own performances, and performed as a DJ & Mc around Europe.
BlackBambi is a combination of music, performance and art, so you will always find there is something a bit bizarre about it. But it is in this very awkwardness that BlackBambi’s appeal lies. The lo-fi recordings, the slow- paced but engaging tracks, the androgynous vocals and the striking visuals, make BlackBambi a project too peculiarly original not to be seen and heard.'
- Bronislaw Lubienski

Listen to BlackBambi's tracks on Bandcamp and Soundcloud.