Miguel Bonneville#2 dealt with the need to recreate one’s sense of identity - how to remain oneself and simultaneously become somebody else. Triggered by the end of love, in MB#2 Bonneville meditated on what happens after a break-up - one is no longer who one was during love and no longer who one was before love. It is a period where nothing seems to happen, there is only a void. It is a period of waiting and loneliness. The decision to recreate oneself takes time to settle in.

Director and Performer: Miguel Bonneville. Photography and Video: Sofia Arriscado. Production: CDCE, Miguel Bonneville

24th of October 2006 - 7º Festival Internacional de Dança Contemporânea de Évora, Pax Júlia Teatro Municipal, Beja, Portugal

5th of October 2012 – Festival Ulls – Arts Santa Monica, Barcelona, Spain
11th of September 2009 – 10th Ed. Open International Performance Art Festival, Beijing, China
6th of August 2008 – Proyecto Genero 2, Espace Ample, Barcelona, Spain
23rd of October 2007 - (Im)mortal Love International Biennal, Warsaw, Poland
27th of June 2007 – Arena Festival, Erlangen, Germany
14th of April 2007 – Maus Hábitos, Porto, Portugal
17th of November 2006 – Festival Bomba Take – Massivo e a Cores, Lisbon, Portugal
25th of November 2006 - 7º Festival Internacional de Dança Contemporânea de Évora, Sociedade Harmonia Eborense, Évora, Portugal