In ‘Miguel Bonneville #3’ the skeleton was used as an image for Bonneville's reconstruction. After the despairing feeling of not knowing who he was anymore or where he was heading, the time came to begin again, making sure the foundation of his new self would be as strong as possible.

Director and Performer: M̶i̶g̶u̶e̶l̶ Bonneville. Live Musician: Álvaro Brito. Performer on film: Luís Araújo. Original Soundtrack: BlackBambi. Costume Design: Miguel Bonneville, Yella. Technical Support: Helder Fernandes. Photography, Editing and Video: Sofia Arriscado. Executive Production: Liz Vahia. Production: Miguel Bonneville. Artistic Residency: Eira, Casa dos Dias d'Água.

19th of May 2007 - Casa dos Dias d’Água, Lisbon, Portugal

23rd of November 2007 - Festival Transdisciplinar Depois da Tempestade, Lisbon, Portugal