Miguel Bonneville #7’ was a talk show simulacrum. The host interviewed an artist whose identity was not revealed; a totem, an animal-statue, devoid of life, its personality and identity remained unknown. Through the dissonance between personality (artist) and appearance (animal) the viewer’s attention focused on the speech - a discussion on philosophical, political and artistic topics. MB#7 was a portrait of Bonneville's obsessions as an artist, a caricature of himself.

Director and Performer: Miguel Bonneville. Co-creator and Performer: José Miguel Vitorino. Photography: Joana Linda. Video: Sofia Arriscado. Executive Production: Helena Nogueira. Production: Duplacena.

20th - 21st of November 2010 – Museu Colecção Berardo, CCB, Festival Temps d’Images, Lisbon, Portugal