O Fim e o Rapto (The End and The Rapture) | drawing and painting

'According to Greek mythology, Cadmus - Europe’s older brother - received his father's orders to bring his sister back, as she had been abducted by Zeus. Cadmus then went to Delphi to seek the help of the oracle in order to find her. The oracle told him that instead he should seek a new home. It told him to take a cow as a guide and to follow it until it fell dead from exhaustion. There, in the exact place where the animal would die, he should build a new city. Cadmus failed to complete the task of finding his sister, leaving us the homage to a lost Europe, in an eternal state of construction. This and other stories - mythological and personal - served as inspiration for the drawings in this exhibition.'

- Miguel Bonneville

23rd of October – 22nd of November 2014, Mute, Lisbon, Portugal