This performance - where performance and writing take place in a direct connection with radical political philosophies - takes as a departing point the life and work of French essayist, philosopher and novelist of the twentieth century Georges Bataille. Bonneville continues to look for ways to develop and unfold a post-Christian body linked to a Dionysian materialism capable of bending, twisting and splitting itself in two. Continuing to choose sensible experience over logical explanation, Bonneville makes the mourning of the "human figure" an endless and incurable process that Bataille wanted or believed to have solved.

Director and Performer: M̶i̶g̶u̶e̶l̶ Bonneville. Co-creators and Performers: Afonso Santos, Vanda Cerejo, Catarina Feijão, Francisco Rolo. Original Soundtrack: Luís Kasprzykowski. Soundscape: BlackBambi. Sound Design: Miguel Mendes. Costume Design: Mariana Sá Nogueira. Hair and make-up: Jorge Bragada. Light Design: Nuno Patinho. Set Design: Nuno Tomaz. Process Accompaniment: Pedro Arrifano, Miguel Branco. Photography and Video: Joana Linda. Executive Production: Cristina Correia. Production: Teatro do Silêncio. Support: Citemor e Residências da Boavista / Polo Cultural das Gaivotas. Co-production: Teatro Municipal do Porto Rivoli & São Luiz Teatro Municipal. This project was financed by Governo de Portugal/Secretaria de Estado da Cultura/DGArtes.

14th - 19th of May 2019, São Luiz Teatro Municipal, Lisbon, Portugal

7th - 8th of June 2019, Rivoli Teatro Municipal do Porto, Portugal