dark chamber

artist book

this book, influenced by the works of marguerite duras, reflects on centuries of discourse surrounding the overwhelming nature of passion and its regulation by fear, manifested in bureaucracy. written during the research and creative process for the performance the importance of being marguerite duras, despite facing obstacles in its creation, the book is a testament to bonneville’s creative drive and the transformative power of passion as a form of knowledge. it emphasizes the ritualistic nature of writing, intended to be read aloud for its sensory impact rather than its comprehension. it depicts writing as a process of stripping away meaning to reveal the essence of language, akin to a skeletal structure, a drumbeat of music and dance, endlessly evolving, with words being the only true home for its author.

texts, editing, and reviewing: miguel bonneville
graphic design: ilhas
book photos: fábio cunha
printing: maiadouro
edition: 75 copies
production: teatro do silêncio