a house in august


the film began with a suicide – or rather, the concept of the film – hurling itself out of a window. after that, a ghost. and before that, the objects and structure of the house – the madness of a house that welcomes yet dispels us.

a house in august (uma casa em agosto) explores themes of isolation and the interplay between reality and imagination, suggesting an examination of the relationship between individuals and their environment.

in celebration of its 10th anniversary, production company cedro plátano challenged 10 directors to craft reels for their social media platforms. the rules were simple: a maximum duration of 90 seconds, formatted in 9:16. on february 28 2023, cedro plátano released the inaugural film of the series, a house in august, on its social media platforms.

hd, color, 1’30”

director, d.o.p., editor, producer: miguel bonneville. cast: bruno senune. sound design: blackbambi. editing: joana linda. track: mendelsson – symphony number 4.