moth (traça) is an experimental short film comprising three episodes inspired by the biographies of three prominent historical figures: jean marc gaspard itard, marie antoinette, and friedrich nietzsche. despite their vastly different life experiences, they share a common thread of personal turmoil and devastation in their relationships. these moments of downfall serve as a unifying element, offering insights into the inner lives of these figures and challenging the conventional linear narrative through which their stories are typically portrayed.

hd, color, 18’20’’

director, writer, d.o.p., art director: miguel bonneville. cast: antónio afonso parra, vanda cerejo, vítor gonçalves. d.o.p, editor: cláudia varejão. sound design: blackbambi. sound recording: adriana bolito. backdrop artwork for síndrome de victor: bárbara assis pacheco. technical support for autopsia de deus: carolina caramelo. executive producer: cristina correia. production: duplacena. financing: fundação gda. acknowledgments: isadora alves.

18th of september 2016, queer lisboa – international queer film festival, lisbon, portugal

april 2017, out & loud – pune international queer film festival, india