paris is a video portraying a solitary figure adorned in a blonde wig, engaging in unscripted pseudo-erotic encounters alone. the footage predominantly features a single, stationary camera mounted on a tripod, employing “night vision” technology.

for the add-wood festival, artists from diverse fields are invited to unveil projects that would otherwise remain hidden. the organization’s invitation is straightforward: “merge your mediocrity with ours and reveal to the world the worst within you.” this underground-optimistic festival aims to celebrate the brighter side of the darkest creations. its name is a playful nod to american filmmaker ed wood, renowned for his films’ campy aesthetics, technical blunders, and rudimentary special effects. it is held at purex clube – a hub for the lgbt community in lisbon’s bairro alto neighborhood.

minidv, infrared, 5′

director and performer: miguel bonneville.

march 2006, add-wood festival – purex clube, lisbon, portugal

2011, amiw – all my indepentent women, vbkö, vienna, austria
2007, arena festival, erlangen, germany
2006, gender bender festival, bologna, italy