a fear with two big faces


a fear with two big faces is a reflection on the complex interplay between memory, emotion, and physical spaces. it explores themes of nostalgia, longing, and the persistence of past emotions in the present. it suggests that a place can evoke memories of love and suffering, implying that physical surroundings have a powerful influence on our emotional experiences.

a fear with two big faces (um medo com duas grandes faces) stemmed from an invitation to join pla•tô – a collaborative venture between ao cabo teatro and gretua, aimed at reimagining the cityscape of aveiro. each artist was assigned a specific location in the city from which they crafted a text, later transformed into an audiovisual piece. the project premiered in july at festival dos canais, a multidisciplinary arts event that transforms the city into an open-air stage.

dcp, color, 12′

director, writer, d.o.p. and voice-over: miguel bonneville. editing: joana linda. production and financing: ao cabo teatro, gretua, teatro aveirense, câmara municipal de aveiro. acknowledgements: afonso santos.

14th of july 2022, festival dos canais, aveiro, portugal

29th of february 2024, filmaporto sessions, batalha – centro de cinema, porto, portugal