blacksugu was a dynamic dj/mc duo established in 2007 by miguel bonneville (aka blackbambi) and susana guardado (aka sugu). their musical collaboration began during an artistic residency, seamlessly bridging the realms of performance art and visual arts. their monthly parties at europa nightclub swiftly gained cult status within lisbon’s underground scene, drawing a devoted following. with a diverse musical palette spanning pop, house, electro, techno, and disco, paired with edgy visuals and captivating performances, blacksugu‘s events were synonymous with freedom and improvisation, sparking a revolution in the city’s nightlife.
in addition to their gigs at venues like plano b, passos de aeróbica, zé dos bois, and maus hábitos, the duo showcased their talents at events such as the trama performing arts festival (porto, portugal), the international light festival (torun, poland) in collaboration with the favela chic collective, and the renowned boca venue and prazer é poder event (rio de janeiro, brazil).