A Room Full of Dirt


in collaboration with carlota lagido

throughout their respective careers, both bonneville and lagido have championed the idea of individual experience as a social process, challenging the conventional divide between public and private realms. they advocate for the understanding of identity as fluid and evolving, rather than static or linear, emphasizing the importance of self-awareness in this ongoing process.
their aim in this performance was to create a space of respite from the pervasive judgments of society, the cacophony of urban life, the overwhelming influence of technology, and the detachment from their own bodies and desires that characterize modern existence. amidst the constant barrage of distractions, they sought a moment of introspection.
in a room full of dirt, their intention was to evoke a sense of familiarity tinged with transience and decay, offering a collage of memories from bygone eras. they sought to explore the longing for what has been left behind, the involuntary nostalgia for lost dreams—a sentiment akin to rummaging through the forgotten contents of an attic, rediscovering aspirations, wishes, and romanticized visions of success.
above all, a room full of dirt embodied the shared journey of two individuals grappling with fear, striving to confront and overcome its grip on their lives.

co-creators, performers, set and costume designers: carlota lagido, miguel bonneville. lighting and sound operation: diogo melo. dramaturgical support: josé miguel vitorino. special guest: sónia baptista. visual content: joana linda. executive production: mafalda gouveia. co-production: duplacena, negócio/zdb. support: fundação calouste gulbenkian.

21st — 25th of november 2012, negócio/zdb, festival temps d’images, lisbon, portugal