As 4 Estações


this performance was inspired by alberto pimenta’s book, ‘as 4 estações’ (the 4 seasons). it unfolds as a train journey spanning four seasons, where not everything is idyllic. there’s a narrator, an old man, and an occasional ticket inspector. dante, shakespeare, and homer make appearances, and at the end, santa apolónia awaits all who survive, with or without their teeth. in between, there’s a nightingale trapped by a girl with a silk ribbon, suffocating heat, and, of course, summer, autumn, and winter.

created by diogo bento, miguel bonneville, and elisabete fragoso, this performance delves into the themes of journey and death, drawing from the remarkable prose of one of portugal’s most distinctive literary figures.

text: alberto pimenta. co-creation, set and costume design, soundscape: diogo bento, miguel bonneville, elisabete fragoso with the support of inês vaz. performer: diogo bento. voice over: joão mota. lighting design: daniel worm d’assumpção. sound design: sérgio henriques. photography: alípio padilha. executive production and press office:  among others, diogo bento, miguel bonneville, elisabete fragoso. coprodução: tdmII, among others associação.

26th of june – 20th of july 2014, sala estúdio – teatro nacional dona maria II, lisbon, portugal