Living Room

performance collective

living room was a temporary european performance collective formed during a flat-sharing residency at transeuropa2012 in hildesheim, germany. artists miguel bonneville (portugal), frauke frech (germany), gunnur martinsdóttir (iceland), edvinas grin & vaida bražiūnaitė (lithuania) lived, worked, and performed in a single house for six weeks. their project was an ongoing exploration of how their communal living and artistic collaboration could inspire broader societal change, creating a microcosm that offered new perspectives on the larger world.

transeuropa, established in 1994, is dedicated to exploring and developing innovative artistic formats and fostering discussions on diverse aesthetics and approaches to artistic work. the festival aims to showcase emerging talent from europe’s independent theater scene and promote cross-cultural exchange. the 2012 edition focused on the theme of human interaction and sought to create an experimental space where different forms of community could be explored.