a collection of self-portraits

drawing and photography

miguel bonneville’s work is positively indistinguishable from his life. through performance, photography or drawing, the artist perpetuates the use of artistic expression as a means of an investigation of the self. this always present, inherent, autobiographical imprint, we could say even raison d’être of his artistic practice, make him subject and object, representative and represented, form and content of his own work.
a collection of self-portraits is an exhibition that brings together photographs and drawings in which miguel bonneville continues to explore these premises through self-portraits. in the photographs, most of which are documentation of performances, the artist dresses, re-dresses, cross-dresses, creating alter egos or other possibilities of himself. in the drawings, the demand of who he is or could be extends itself, in a provocative tone, to satirical comments about the positioning of the self on the outer bodies, which – voluntarily or involuntarily – also define him: nationality, religion, society, politics…
in all cases, a derisory, almost pathetic side, points out to the absurdity of the existential demand and the confrontation with the impossibility of a univocal definition of identity.

– rita sobreiro

16th of september – 19th of november 2010, espaço bá, lisbon, portugal