drawing, mixed media, installation

in these new works, the performative aspects of bonneville’s practice are evident, both from previous characters as well as newly developed ones. a mourning of identities ensues, while creating a personal and intimate arena for us to commiserate and gain retrospect with them.
the exhibition is to be staged as though we have been invited to a “wake”, to pay homage to the various figures that are all a part of the artists’ diverse personages. an investigation into the facets that constitutes our individuality by comprehending the array of roles played out daily by each of us. in various appropriated images, the drawings appear almost diaristic, since the portraits have been replaced by his own, and by doing so, awaking a familiarity within the audience.
in morgue, beside the fairly sombre tone to the works, there is a catharsis to them as well as the artists’ approach – in that clearly something has ended, yet remembered and kept. a period of cleansing or a time for reflection is suggested, not only for the artist in saying adieu to these identities, but also a realization of the path forward.

– james steele

13th of january – 19th of february 2012, galeria 3+1 arte contemporânea, lisbon, portugal