i am not a man, i am a mountain

drawing, painting, mixed media

(…) with the staging of his death in mb#9 and the exhibition morgue at galeria 3+1, one might discern a shift in bonneville’s artistic trajectory, or at least sense the inclination towards one. his focus veered away from the past, family history, or the introspection of a publicly defined identity. henceforth, the exposed body transcended mere physicality or social and psychological constructs; it became a conduit for self-definition through artistic confrontation.
this underscores the significance of miguel bonneville embodying antónio de macedo, simone de beauvoir, agustina bessa-luís, and progressively effacing himself—shedding his male identity to assume other forms, transmuting into varied personas and entities: a mountain, an abstract body, a territorial extension, a veneer over “the exotic”. in essence, morphing into a vanitas painting while retaining his essence as miguel bonneville, albeit in pursuit of total dissolution, as evidenced in this exhibition: miguel bonneville decomposed into a landscape, reduced to a line, consumed by a pink layer. (…)

– diogo bento

7th – 28th of march 2015, museu geológico de lisboa, lisbon, portugal