the end and the rapture


(…) if the end signifies completion, limitation, or boundary, then “abduction” suggests the act or outcome of seizing, of capturing a person through violence or seduction. bonneville aims to seductively breach every boundary of consciousness, whisking us away into his unique world. a realm where reality and myth intersect, forming many of the “other stories” he wishes to share. the fusion of “thought and body” stands as a central theme in this exhibition. his body takes center stage, yet not as a representation of his personal history. instead, his body compels thought to engage. amidst the absurdity, we’ve grown accustomed to believing that thought operates solely by its own volition. however, the artist subverts this notion, compelling thought to arise from the various states and poses of his body – from insomnia to rage to sadness. every abstract and challenging deviation serves as intensive becomings within the artist’s work, at times melding with the bodies of animals to transcend the empirical and create a virtual-real realm akin to what josé gil defines as authentic experience. (…)

– pedro arrifano

23rd of october – 22nd of november 2014, mute, lisbon, portugal