I wanted to change the world


in i wanted to change the world, bonneville embarked on a transformative journey within the natural history museum in lisbon. inspired by aldous huxley’s words —”i wanted to change the world. but i have found that the only thing one can be sure of changing is oneself”—bonneville sought to explore the paradox of change and identity.
the performance unfolded in the “dear room” (sala do veado), formerly housing a 12-thousand-year-old stag, before tragically succumbing to a fire in 1978. against this backdrop, bonneville had their arms tattooed, a gesture representing the enduring mark of personal transformation amidst the ephemeral nature of existence.
drawing parallels between the transient nature of performance art and the permanent imprint of a tattoo, bonneville invited viewers to contemplate the fragile balance between change and permanence. as the tattoo needle pierced their skin, each stroke echoed the delicate movement between past and present, memory and oblivion.

director, performer and producer: miguel bonneville. tattoo artist: daniel. assistance: andré duarte. photography: joana linda. video recording: sofia arriscado.

29th of march 2010, sala do veado – museu nacional de história natural, lisboa, portugal