o princípio de _______


o princípio de ________ is a performance inspired by the literary work of maria gabriela llansol. ideally it would have neither a beginning nor an end. it’s as if it were a cassette tape found, discarded in a forest or the garden of a weathered old house – distorted but sufficiently intact to discern its contents. yet, one knows it’s a fragment of something that time has transformed into something else. it’s a fragmented solo piece, comprised of slides, loops, samples, loose phrases, and words – elements that could repeat endlessly until they decay. it’s an intimate creation, torn from the imagination, meant to be shared in a living room filled with books, a few friends, gathered amidst the trees. it’s the metamorphosis of abstract words in a strangely concrete environment.”

note: “o princípio de” in portuguese can mean both “the principle of” and “the beginning of”.

director, performer and producer: miguel bonneville. set design: tiago vieira. make-up: jorge bragada. soundscape: blackbambi; photography: joana linda. production support: cristina correia. production: festival silêncio. special acknowledgements: bárbara assis pacheco, eve bonneau, diogo bento.

29th of september 2017, festival silêncio, lisbon, portugal

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