donkey ride


founded in 2011, old school was a monthly project by curator susana pomba, housed by teatro praga, that presented new works by artists in a one-off night event.

donkey ride (viagem de burro) draws inspiration from a childhood memory encapsulated in the pages of the book “bible stories for children,” where the depiction of the virgin mary arriving atop a donkey alongside saint joseph (also known as joseph of nazareth or joseph, the carpenter) at the stable where she would give birth serves as a poignant image.
the journey depicted in the story spans four to six days and nights along rugged paths, where encounters with wild animals and potential threats lurk.
in my narrative, gabriel assumes a different biblical significance, embodying the miracle itself rather than merely announcing it. my personal journey extends beyond the confines of a mere four or six days and nights; it endures, fraught with its own trials and tribulations. internally, i navigate through irregular paths, encountering metaphorical wild beasts, thieves, and even potential assailants. the miracle, suspended in time, awaits the culmination of my journey, poised to continue unfolding once more.”

director, writer and performer – miguel bonneville. curating and visual content – susana pomba.

18th of june 2016, old school #44, rua das gaivotas 6, lisbon, portugal