Miguel Bonneville #1


after experiencing disappointments in both the art world and the external perception of their artistic endeavors, bonneville made a deliberate decision to reformulate their creative process to continue performing.
miguel bonneville #1 represented their inaugural foray into a consciously autobiographical approach, signaling the beginning of a new chapter in their artistic journey. concurrently, it marked the closure of a turbulent relationship. bonneville began to unconsciously draw connections between childhood family trauma and subsequent relational encounters, channeling these experiences into concise, solo performative allegories.
this series also saw the emergence of recurring figures (such as the blonde, animals, and skeletons) and objects (like wigs, sunglasses, and tights), creating a personal and symbolic language that formed the basis of their personal mythology.

director and performer: miguel bonneville. bear costume: ana direito. video recording: sofia arriscado. photographs: ynaiê dawson. production: eira, miguel bonneville.

13th – 16th of july 2006 – l’antic teatre, barcelona, spain

4th of november 2006 – festival bomba take – massivo e a cores, lisbon, portugal
11th of october 2006 – festival y, covilhã, portugal