Miguel Bonneville #2


in miguel bonneville #2, bonneville grappled with the existential challenge of reconstructing one’s identity — the delicate balance between maintaining one’s essence while embracing transformation. prompted by the aftermath of love’s demise and the dissolution of a relationship, this performance delved into the existential quandary that follows a breakup: the dissonance of no longer being the person one was during love, yet not reverting to the former self either. it represents a phase marked by stagnation and emptiness, characterized by a sense of waiting and solitude. the process of self-reinvention unfolds gradually, requiring time to take root and evolve.

director and performer: miguel bonneville. visual content: sofia arriscado. aditional photographs: cláudia varejão, olivier collet. production: companhia de dança contemporânea de évora, miguel bonneville.

24th of october 2006 – 7º festival internacional de dança contemporânea de évora, pax júlia teatro municipal, beja, portugal

5th of october 2012 – festival ulls – arts santa monica, barcelona, spain
11th of september 2009 – 10th edition of the open international performance art festival, beijing, china
6th of august 2008 – proyecto genero 2, espace ample, barcelona, spain
23rd of october 2007 – (im)mortal love international biennale, warsaw, poland
27th of june 2007 – arena festival, erlangen, germany
14th of april 2007 – maus hábitos, porto, portugal
17th of november 2006 – festival bomba take – massivo e a cores, lisbon, portugal
25th of november 2006 – 7º festival internacional de dança contemporânea de évora, sociedade harmonia eborense, évora, portugal