Miguel Bonneville #3


in miguel bonneville #3, bonneville integrated film and music to evoke an eerie and somber ambiance, enhancing the thematic exploration of personal reconstruction. symbolically, the skeleton represented bonneville’s journey towards self-renewal. following a tumultuous breakup, they grappled with a profound sense of identity loss and existential uncertainty. however, amidst the despair, a pivotal moment emerged—a call to embark on a new beginning, grounded in resilience and self-assurance.
accompanied by drummer álvaro brito, the performance artfully juxtaposed the skeletal framework of the drum set with the haunting allure of the danse macabre motif, further underscoring the theme of transformation and renewal.

director and performer: miguel bonneville. live musician: álvaro brito. performer in film: luís araújo. original soundtrack: blackbambi. costume design: miguel bonneville & yella. technical support: helder fernandes. video editing and visual content: sofia arriscado. executive production: liz vahia. production: miguel bonneville. artistic residency: eira, casa dos dias d’água.

19th of may 2007 – casa dos dias d’água, lisbon, portugal

23rd of november 2007 – festival transdisciplinar depois da tempestade, lisbon, portugal