following the realization that restaging miguel bonneville #4 would lack coherence, mb#4 off emerged as an alternative. with a presentation already scheduled for a festival, bonneville opted to transform the piece into a lecture-performance format. rather than reenacting the original performance, they felt compelled to delve into the broader creative process, which had evidently sparked a significant personal breakthrough. this decision reflected their desire to preserve the integrity of the initial experience. during the presentation, a video recording of the original performance served as a backdrop, while bonneville narrated the underlying narratives and inspirations behind its conception.

director, writer, performer and producer: miguel bonneville. video recording: sofia arriscado. photographs: joana linda.

24th of november 2007 – festival transdisciplinar depois da tempestade, lisbon, portugal

2nd of june 2019, archiving performance, alkantara, lisbon, portugal
13th of december 2008, festival internacional de dança contemporânea de évora, portugal
27th of november 2008, festival adição +, caldas da rainha, portugal