Miguel Bonneville #6 (2008)

in the first version of the performance, bonneville interviewed six women who shared significant common ground, particularly in their autobiographical approaches to art. consequently, this became a focal point of the performance, alongside discussions on childhood memories, experiences, perspectives on feminism, religion, and death.

director and performer: miguel bonneville. co-creators: sofia arriscado, joana craveiro, joana linda, rita só, cláudia varejão, sara vaz. video edition: sofia arriscado. photography: ynaiê dawson, joana linda. performance recording: sofia arriscado, joana linda. design: inês ferreira. executive production: tânia guerreiro. production: duplacena.

13th – 14th of november 2008 – galeria graça brandão, festival temps d’images, lisbon, portugal

3rd of June 2022 – ficla – festival internacional de cinema e literatura do algarve, faro, portugal
25th & 27th of february 2022 – fiba – festival internacional de buenos aires, argentina
2nd of february 2022 – festival temporada alta de girona, montevideo, uruguay
27th of january 2022 – festival santiago off, santiago, chile
27th of november 2021 – cultura em expansão, porto, portugal
23rd of may 2019 – planalto – festival das artes, moimenta da beira, portugal
10th of february 2019 – são luiz teatro municipal, lisbon, portugal
8th of november 2018 – teatro pradillo, madrid, spain
3rd of november 2018 – festival temps d’images, lisbon, portugal
14th of june 2018 – fitei – festival internacional de teatro de expressão ibérica, porto, portugal
21st of october 2017 – comédias do minho, melgaço, portugal
10th – 11th of march 2017 – rua das gaivotas 6, lisbon, portugal
21st of january 2017 – casa da cultura, setúbal, portugal
13th of august 2016 – citemor, montemor-o-velho, portugal
28th of may 2016 – marte – mostra de artes visuais, barcelos, portugal
14th – 15th of february 2015 – singolare plurale festival, rome, italy
17th – 18th of january 2014 – museo de arte contemporaneo de vigo, spain
2nd – 3rd of february 2013 – festival zinegoak, la fundición, bilbao, spain
28th july 2012 – galeria da boavista, lisbon, portugal
5th of april 2012 – festival danae, milan, italy
11th of november 2011 – passos manuel, porto, portugal
24th of january 2010 – museu colecção berardo/centro cultural de belém, lisbon, portugal
18th of september 2009 – dança.pt, balleteatro, porto, portugal
19th – 20th of february 2009 – eira, lisbon, portugal