Miguel Bonneville #6 (2018)

in the 2018 version, bonneville interviewed five out of the six women who participated in the 2008 version, while also interviewing five additional women. they maintained the same presentation format and the logic of video-portrait and live dubbing of the interviews, unifying them under a single voice.
the performance maintains its exploration of identity, biography, and intimacy, while also delving into larger themes of love, fear, and death.

director and performer: miguel bonneville. co-creators: isadora alves, joana craveiro, isabela figueiredo, maria gil, carlota lagido, joana linda, mariana sá nogueira, rita só, cláudia varejão, sara vaz. video edition visual content: joana linda. press office: sara cunha. executive production: cristina correia, vanda cerejo – teatro do silêncio. co-production: fitei, temps d’images lisboa.

15th of june 2018 – fitei – festival internacional de teatro de expressão ibérica , porto, portugal

10th of june 2022 – be festival, birmingham, uk
4th of june 2022 – ficla – festival internacional de cinema e literatura do algarve, faro, portugal
26th & 28th of february 2022 – festival internacional de buenos aires, argentina
3rd of february 2022 – festival temporada alta de girona, montevideo, uruguay
28th of january 2022 – festival santiago off, santiago, chile
27th of november 2021 – cultura em expansão, porto, portugal
10th of november 2021 – singular festival, castelo branco, portugal
11th of february 2019 – são luiz teatro municipal, lisbon, portugal
22nd of january 2019 – tagv – teatro académico de gil vicente, coimbra, portugal
9th-10th of november 2018 – teatro pradillo, madrid, spain
4th of november 2018 – festival temps d’images, lisbon, portugal