Miguel Bonneville #7


miguel bonneville #7 took the form of a talk show simulation. in this performance, the host, assuming the persona of bonneville, interviewed an artist whose identity remained concealed—a totemic figure, an animal-statue devoid of animate presence. the juxtaposition between the personality of the unseen artist and the appearance of the animal statue directed the audience’s attention to the dialogue—a discourse spanning philosophical, political, and artistic themes. through this ironic portrayal, mb#7 served as a satirical reflection on bonneville’s artistic preoccupations, presenting a caricatured self-portrait.

director and performer: miguel bonneville. co-creator and performer: josé miguel vitorino. photography: joana linda. video recording: sofia arriscado. executive production: helena nogueira. production: duplacena.

20th – 21st of november 2010 – museu colecção berardo/centro cultural de belém, festival temps d’images, lisbon, portugal