Miguel Bonneville #8


in miguel bonneville #8, performed predominantly in darkness, themes of perpetual surveillance and control take center stage: disappearance appears attainable only through death.
amidst the demands and consequences of capitalism, the aspiration to pause, to engage in introspection, to reconnect with nature seems a utopian fantasy. mb#8 delved into the contemplation of disappearance and the power of imagination in confronting such insurmountable obstacles.

director, performer and producer: miguel bonneville. guests: cláudia effe, diogo bento. video recording: cláudia rarejão. support: fundação calouste gulbenkian. co-production: duplacena.

4th – 5th of november 2011 – carpe diem arte e pesquisa, festival temps d’images, lisbon, portugal

2nd – 3rd of july 2021 – p de dança, fundação calouste gulbenkian, lisbon, portugal
12th of november 2011 – passos manuel, porto, portugal