Miguel Bonneville #9

durational performance

miguel bonneville #9 marked the culmination of this series with a durational performance at the carlos alberto of sardinia chapel in porto, where bonneville staged their own funeral.
following the performance, a procession led to quase galeria for the opening of their solo retrospective exhibition ‘some reliable ways…’ curated by fátima lambert. at the exhibition, attendees partook in a unique ritual: consuming a cake adorned with bonneville’s portrait — perhaps a symbolic gesture reminiscent of the folklore ritual of sin eaters, in which consuming a ritual meal was believed to spiritually absolve the deceased of their sins.

director, performer and producer: miguel bonneville. assistance: maura teofili. visual content: sofia arriscado. additional photographs: nuno ferreira.

10th of march 2012 – carlos alberto of sardinia chapel, porto, portugal