Auto-retrato com revólver

bonneville received an invitation to perform for la balancette, an event hosted by the ateliers mentol collective (isabel carvalho, carla cruz, and pedro nora), held at the laundry facility lavandaria olímpica in porto.
titled auto-retrato com revólver (self-portrait with a gun), the performance drew its name from a poem by portuguese poet al berto and marked bonneville’s deliberate exploration of themes that would later become central in their works: identity, introspection, and death.
each audience member was greeted as if attending a farewell ceremony. bonneville offered them a poem, a strand of hair, or photo clippings, along with a hug. to conclude, adorned in a red dress, they departed the laundry facility carrying a black heart crafted from cassette videotape and a gun, symbolizing homage to a part of themselves that had vanished.

director, performer and producer: miguel bonneville. photography: sofia arriscado.
special acknowledgments to magda henriques.

27th of february 2004, la balancette – lavandaria olímpica, porto, portugal