in documented, bonneville revisited the theme of ‘family,’ this time crafting a fictional narrative centered around the character of their mother, a blonde figure who would later become a recurring presence in their subsequent series ‘miguel bonneville.’
the project unfolded across three performances, each presented on separate days, and was a collaborative effort with performer rita só, with additional contributions from sofia arriscado (video), rogério nuno costa (sound), and josé luís neves (photography).

day 1 – interview

day one featured an extensive interview segment, during which bonneville posed a series of personal questions to rita, who responded in various performative ways. the interview commenced 15 minutes before the audience entered the space and was recorded and projected in real-time.

day 2 – museum

day two comprised several distinct elements: autobiographical materials such as photographs and drawings were projected onto a wall and discussed by both rita and bonneville; a brief concert featuring bonneville singing and playing a small keyboard; and an improvised runway show. these components were all linked to their childhood and adolescent experiences, obsessions, and narratives.

day 3 – road movie

day three unfolded with a continuous shot from outside a car, with rita and bonneville performing inside. this live road movie featured bonneville gradually assuming rita’s persona before ultimately “killing” her in a dramatic finale—a subtle nod to brian de palma’s “dressed to kill.”
while the performance was recorded beside or behind the audience, the projection was displayed in front of them in real-time. this setup allowed the audience to face the projection while also having the opportunity, with some effort, to observe the live action happening beside or behind them.

director and performer: miguel bonneville. co-creator and performer: rita só. sound: rogério nuno costa. photography: josé luís neves. video: sofia arriscado. executive production: leonor babo. production: eira.

23rd – 25th of february 2006, hospital miguel bombarda, lisbon, portugal