Estudo para um manifesto

maintaining the ethos of manifestos from their previous performances, and pushing their aversion to rehearsing and repetition to new extremes, bonneville crafted estudo para um manifesto (study for a manifesto) – a two-hour performance in an old ruin where all actions were improvised. these improvisations were rooted in the concept of the “young artist” – a term applied to bonneville by others during that period, though its implications were never fully grasped. bonneville didn’t really understand if it was meant to be a compliment or a way to undermine their work. due to a lack of awareness from the festival organizers that the performance had begun, only the videographer and a companion were present to witness it.

director and performer: miguel bonneville. video recording: francisca manuel. co-production: eira, câmara municipal de lisboa.

13th of may 2005, festival ananil, montemor-o-novo, portugal