montras (display windows) was a project inspired by “the thirteen books written on skin”, featured in peter greenaway’s film “the pillow book” (1996). each book served as the foundation for an installation or performance, intended for presentation within or as a display window—a fascination with tableaux-vivants evident in bonneville’s work. however, the project remained incomplete, with only five of the thirteen pieces realized:

m1y – montra #1 youth performed at maus hábitos (porto)
m2b&b – montra #2 births & beginnings (video)
m3i – montra #3 impotence performed and installed at maus hábitos (porto)
m4a – montra #4 agenda performed at casa dos dias d’água (lisbon)
m5b – montra #5 betrayed performed at praça do general humberto delgado (porto)

director, performer and producer: miguel bonneville. performers: alfredo martins, ana wilson, carla cruz, guilherme lima, joana sousa, luís araújo, robinson, sofia arriscado, vanda cerejo.