Quem Sou

the translation of “quem sou” to english can mean either “who i am” or “who am i” – a deliberate “game” of duality that bonneville plays with language, blurring the lines between statement and question.
this performance unfolded simultaneously in six different bars across lisbon’s bairro alto on december 29, 2004. at midnight, the music ceased, replaced by a recorded text addressing ethical and political themes within the portuguese artistic community. during the recording, a performer dressed as a ballerina, sporting a small moustache, maintained a pose within each bar. none of these performances were documented through recording or photography.

director and performer: miguel bonneville. performers: benedetta maxia, liz vahia, sara vaz, sofia arriscado, wojtek ziemilski. assistance: antónio câmara, carlota lagido, francisca paula, francisco camacho, paula pereira, pedro duarte. production: eira.

29th of december 2004, lisbon, portugal