chérie, chéri


chérie, chéri was a solo, durational one-to-one performance that emerged from the initial research phase inspired by paul b. preciado’s writings. serving as the inaugural installment of the larger project the importance of being paul b. preciado, this performance drew primarily from preciado’s works “contra-sexual manifesto” and “testo junkie.” it aimed to provoke reflection on the nuanced spaces occupied by genders and sexualities that diverge from societal norms. presented at the libertine’s club “mise en scène,” it provided an evocative backdrop for the exploration of these themes.

chérie, chéri was considered one of the top ten shows of the year by journalist cláudia galhós/jornal expresso.

director, writer, performer and costume designer: mi̶g̶u̶e̶l̶ bonneville. assistance: davi pontes, manuel dordio. sound design: blackbambi. promo photo: davi pontes. photography: alípio padilha, joana linda. executive production: cristina correia. co-production: festival temps d’images. artistic residency: o lugar do meio.

8th – 10th of december 2016, mise en scene, festival temps d’images, lisbon, portugal

other presentations
22nd – 25th of november 2017, festival temps d’images, lisbon, portugal
23rd – 26th of march 2017, mise en scene, lisbon, portugal