notes of a suicidal primate


a textual performance and the ultimate gasp within preciado’s universe, notes of a suicidal primate borrows its title from the book written during the creation process, embodying a deep immersion in the philosopher’s thoughts. bereft of eloquence, i granted the body one final outpouring of words, one final gasp, an attempt to articulate the complex relationship not merely with his ideas, but with the way they began to materialize in space. love, death, and distance intertwine in this last solo endeavor, a poignant farewell.

director, writer, performer: mi̶g̶u̶e̶l̶ bonneville. sound design: blackbambi. photography: jorge firmino. book design: ilhas. executive production: cristina correia. production: citemor. support: fundação gda, república portuguesa – cultura / direcção-geral das artes.

18th of november 2017, teatro esther de carvalho, festival citemor, montemor-o-velho, portugal