ensaios de santidade

to embrace disaster as an unpredictable tool of inner transformation. sanctity as a social destabilizer and intimate vertigo. approaching the other through the abyss.

artist book
this book was specially written and created for the homonymous one-to-one performance, held at matadero’s rooftop house. it served as an integral part of the performance, with each spectator receiving a copy.

standard edition
subsequently, the book was published by the book publisher sr. teste, two years later, featuring accompanying artwork by the artist joão ferro martins.

artist book
texts, editing and reviewing: miguel bonneville
book design: ilhas
book photos: fábio cunha
printing: gráfica maiadouro
edition: 100 copies

sr teste
texts, editing and reviewing: miguel bonneville
images: joão ferro martins
composition and pagination: catarina domingues

artist edition

sr teste edition