notes of a suicidal primate

artist book

notes of a suicidal primate (notas de um primata suicida) is a limited edition publication containing all the texts written for the three performances that were part of the importance of being paul b. preciado project. each audience member received a copy of the book at the conclusion of the archipelago performance.

texts, editing and reviewing: miguel bonneville.
design: ilhas.
book photos: fábio cunha.
support: fundação gda, república portuguesa – cultura/direcção-geral das artes.

this edition would not have been possible without the support of the following small patrons: bárbara assis pacheco, b.f.f., david bonneville, diogo bento, diogo melo, elisabete magalhães, filipa leal, f.r., francisca cortesão, isabela figueiredo, isadora, joana craveiro, joana faria, júlio vaz, luís araújo, m.h., manuel tur, orfeu negro, p.l., sara pazos, sara vaz, sérgio braz, t.c.