the personal is political


the personal is political (o pessoal é político) features texts crafted for a series of lecture-performances inspired by the slogan of the second-wave feminist movement. maria gil and miguel bonneville delve into various themes – fear, feminism, love, politics, religion, morals – with original first-person narratives drawn from their own experiences. these narratives, comprising memories, fragments, and personal anecdotes, invite collective reflection and stimulate dialogue. each lecture-performance also incorporates reimaginations of iconic performances from western art history that directly engage with the chosen themes. additionally, the book includes narratives of the self – texts penned during the creation of their second lecture-performance love and politics -, first presented at the narratives, media and cognition colloquium at the catholic university of porto.

texts: maria gil & miguel bonneville
cover and illustrations: bárbara assis pacheco
composition: joana pires
book photos: joana linda
publisher: douda correria

book tour
3rd of june 2022, festival internacional de cinema e literatura do algarve, faro, portugal
12th of september 2021, casa fernando pessoa, lisbon, portugal