love & politics

how can we approach love from a political perspective? how can we engage with a topic often regarded as intimate and private? what’s the connection between our emotions and how we socially organize and interact? and is politics something we only revisit during election years? how do we experience politics in our lives, within the privacy of our homes?
this lecture-performance weaves together interviews with politicians from various parliamentary parties, independents, and individuals involved in social movements. additionally, it incorporates interviews with ex-partners, love letters, and excerpts from personal diaries.

co-creators and performers: maria gil, miguel bonneville. stage setting: pedro silva. dramaturgical support: filipa reis. lighting design: artur pispalhas. executive production and stage direction: joana cavaleiro, teatro do silêncio. photography: joana linda. video recording: cláudia alves. artistic residency: centro cultural do candoso. co-production: negócio/zdb, festival temps d’images. project financed by: direcção-geral das artes. support: fundação calouste gulbenkian, junta de freguesia de carnide, a padaria portuguesa – barata salgueiro, florineve, wip hairport, 5 à sec – príncipe real. special acknowledgements: adriana lopera, gonçalo amorim, lurdes caldeira, manuela gil, pedro gil, tobias, luhuna carvalho, maria de belém, mariana mortágua, miguel tiago, paulo borges, teresa caeiro, teresa leal coelho.

14th of october 2015, negócio – zdb, festival temps d’images, lisbon, portugal

5th of march 2020, teatro viriato, viseu, portugal
29th of november 2019, cal/primeiros sintomas, festival temps d’images, lisbon, portugal
24th of october 2015, casa da cultura, setúbal, portugal
15th – 17th of october 2015, negócio – zdb, festival temps d’images, lisbon, portugal