religion & morality

religion and morality is the name of a subject maria gil and miguel bonneville never attended classes for, conjuring images of dunce caps and spankings. in crafting the dramaturgy for this performance, they revisited their experiences in catechism, childhood mystical experiences, the hymns of saturday afternoon masses, and buddhist practices. this journey confronted personal memories with émile durkheim’s concept of social anomie, highlighting the loss of identity in contemporary societies due to the waning influence of religion. if god, man, and nature are slain, what remains?

co-creators and performers: maria gil e miguel bonneville. stage setting: pedro silva, joão miller guerra. dramaturgical support: filipa reis, paulo borges. lighting design/technical direction: nuno patinho. photography: alípio padilha. residency: centro d’artes de aljustrel, cão solteiro. executive production: vítor alves brotas/teatro do silêncio. co-production: festival temps d’images, teatro do silêncio. support: fundação calouste gulbenkian, junta de freguesia de carnide.

30th of november – 1st of december 2019, cal/primeiros sintomas, festival temps d’images, lisbon, portugal

streaming: 26th – 30th of november 2020, teatro viriato, viseu, portugal
23rd of september 2017, spiritual autobiography (staged reading), casa da cultura, setúbal, portugal

©m̶i̶g̶u̶e̶l̶ bonneville

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©alípio padilha

©alípio padilha

©alípio padilha